VJ Panelled Walls And Why You Should Use Them In Your Sunshine Coast Home Renovation

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January 29, 2020
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VJ Panelled Walls And Why You Should Use Them In Your Sunshine Coast Home Renovation

VJ Panelled Wall

When planning your dream home renovation or extension on the Sunshine Coast, consider adding beautiful design details to take your space to the next level. A little extra thought and planning (and cost!) can create a big impact and give you a rewarding outcome.  A beautiful rendered wall, a feature colour, intricate tiling or VJ panelled walls are all good ways to add layer and texture to the bones of your renovation. Let’s discuss what this beautiful feature is and how to incorporate it into your renovation or home extension. 

VJ panelled Walls
This beautiful VJ Panelled Wall is featured in our Happy Valley Project.

What Is VJ Panelling?

Also known as Vertical Join Boards, tongue-and-groove boards or beading, panelled walls are a beautiful feature applied to the interior wall. Traditionally used for extra insulation, they can be found often in heritage homes or traditional Queenslanders. They are suitable for high traffic and wet areas, can be painted any  colour and can be installed to any height. 

VJ Panelled Wall

Why Choose VJ Panelled Walls?

Adding a textured wall to your home renovation or extension will add a layer of character, interest and charm. An otherwise white, flat room can come to life with a simple VJ Panelling in the same way that a flat, gloss white kitchen can be elevated by adding a textured stone or tile in white. Texture equal depth, sophistication and interest. 

VJ Panelling is also a good way to create a traditional or coastal aesthetic, particularly on the Sunshine Coast, where Queenslander-style homes are evocative of a laid-back, coastal lifestyle. If you’re going for a coastal look, paint your panels in ocean-inspired tones like fresh white, navy, or soft blues, greys and greens. 

Top Tips For Using VJ Panels

-Installing VJ Panels in a bathroom can be a great way to reduce the cost of tiling an entire bathroom. 

-Pair your fixtures to your panelling- a traditional claw-foot bath with VJ Panelling will create a classic traditional style. Painted panelling in coastal colours will look great behind a cane or rattan piece.