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Top Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale or Rent

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Top Tips for Preparing Your Property for Sale or Rent

When preparing your property for sale or in order to rent out, everyone wants to make the most of every dollar spent. The ideal outcome is to maximise the property’s sale value and/or rental attractiveness within budget. Consider our handy tips to ensure you are getting maximum bang for your buck:

  • Cover the Basics To both Renters and Buyers, the property will be more attractive if it is in good working condition. It’s not ground-breaking advice, yet many people let their property fall down at such easily rectified problems; from the broken letterbox at the entry point, to missing fence palings; the pool gate not being properly secured; and potentially dangerous and slippery mould being pressure cleaned from the patio pavers. If it’s broken- fix it! If you require assistance with any repair or maintenance issues, we can help you with our maintenance services.
  • Street Appeal Make potential buyers/ renters first impression count. After all, you only get one opportunity to make a great first one! The front lawn should look green and well-maintained. Spend some time cleaning up the garden by pruning, weeding etc and maybe invest in some new, easy- care plants for some lush greenery. A new front door in keeping with the design of the house is a great investment as it will give the front entry to the home a real impact. If your front door is still in good condition a coat of paint can update it just as well. 
  • Walls, Flooring and Windows For a rental, new carpets are a great investment if the old ones are looking a bit worse for wear. No tenant wants to move into a property with dirty, scuffed carpets! Likewise, a fresh coat of paint throughout the interior can really lift the feel of the space. Use soft, neutral colours and stay away from feature walls and anything too  ”extreme” -despite these appealing to you, the homeowner, they can be polarising to the potential buyer or renter- not ideal! Take a read of our blog on some great, popular paint colours here. Ensure windows and doors are all in good working condition. By replacing the tracks and runners on sliding windows and doors you can prolong the life and efficiency of them without replacing them completely. Don’t forget to clean doors and windows spotlessly.
  • Look at the Property as a Whole Step back and take a look at the potential of the property. For example, you may have a garage that could potentially and easily be built in to create an extra, or even two extra bedrooms. This could possibly be the difference between your property being what it is, or turning it into a 4,2,2, the magic, family-friendly proportions that people buy and rent. Or you may have a good sized sun-room that could be turned into a front entertaining area. Having a little bit of vision can sometimes allow your property to exceed it’s current restrictions. However, always consult a Qualified Builder before considering renovations such as these.

It is worth going through your property and making a note of any repairs that need to be attended, then following through and ensuring these repairs and improvements are made. This way, your property won’t fall over come time to rent/ Auction day over easy fixes that can be done before-hand.