Top 5 Must-Have High-End Finishes For A Luxury Kitchen Renovation

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Top 5 Must-Have High-End Finishes For A Luxury Kitchen Renovation

Waterfall ends, double ovens and 40mm stone benchtop

Waterfall ends, double ovens and 40mm stone benchtops... Tick, tick and tick!

When renovating a high-end kitchen, the aim is to have certain inclusions that appeal to buyers at the upper end of the market. Although gorgeous inclusions in their own right, items such as pendant lights and stone benchtops are mostly expected in new kitchens today. Buyers at this end of the market are looking for details that impress and create an overall luxurious finish. Whether you’re renovating for profit by creating a high-end property, or simply wish to design a luxury kitchen to enjoy in your Sunshine Coast renovation, here are our top 5 must-have features to include in a high-end renovation:

40mm Benchtops
​This particular thickness is superior to other, thinner benchtops (such as 20mm and 30mm), because it looks more solid and it sits atop the benchtop perfectly. The thickness matches a larger, chunky block of cabinetry on an Island bench better than a thinner one because the matching scale (thick on thick) compliments the cabinetry and finishes it off beautifully.

Waterfall Ends
​This term refers to the finish of benchtop that spills down the sides of the bench at both ends. On a centre Island, it looks that bit more polished as the bench flows on and leads the eye downward, so that we are still looking at benchtop instead of cabinetry all the way down.

Double Ovens
Having multiple ovens in a high-end property compliments the larger, busy family home. Having more than one oven allows people to cook several things at once, from a baked cheesecake in one, and the Sunday roast in the other. There are several configurations: side-by-side, stacked vertically etc. The varying heights are also easier on the back! Essentially, having two (or possibly more!) ovens appeals to the high-end buyer.

Butlers Pantry
​In the high-end kitchen, it is simply not enough to have a walk-in pantry. The Butlers Pantry is a covetable addition to a luxury kitchen. Ideally, this pantry will be tucked away so that mess, clutter and appliances can be discreetly stashed away. A sink, dishwasher and PowerPoints are all important elements as they add to the sophistication and utility of this space. The inclusion of a Butlers Pantry allows the main kitchen to act as a show-piece and entertaining hub, while the nut-and-bolts aspects of the food prep is hidden away in this zone.

450mm x 900mm Rectified Edge Tiles
​These dimensions are the latest and greatest in tile engineering. The expansive proportions are spacious and feel luxurious underfoot. Remember the design rule: the larger the tile, the larger the room feels. Playing with dimension and scale is a sure-fire way to make a room feel bigger or smaller. Plus, rectified edge is superior to plain tiles as they give a more even and polished finish.




Waterfall ends, double ovens and 40mm stone benchtops… Tick, tick and tick!