Richard and Del Whittaker, Property Owners of Jingellic Drive, Buderim

Your Asset Renovations: How did you feel throughout process?
Del: ”I was glad that this time somebody else did it!”
Richard: ”Good! It was quite straight-forward, and Ben kept us well-informed throughout the process.”

Your Asset Renovations: Would you recommend Your Asset Renovations?
Del: ”Yes!”
Richard: ”Yep- I’ll give you a ten out of ten!”

Twin Waters Renovation

Donny and Amanda Clark, Property Owners, Twin Waters Renovation

Your Asset Renovations: What do you believe was a vital part of the process that allowed you to succeed?
Donny: “Definitely project management. Ben did a fantastic job of managing our large 460m2 home renovation within the 11 week timeframe, we even added quite a lot of extra’s to the project. His communication was excellent.’’

Your Asset Renovations: If you did it again, is there anything you would do differently?
Donny and Amanda: ‘’No! We are rapt with the result!’’

Matt and Marianne Goldman, Property Owners of Alexandra Headlands Unit

Your Asset Renovations: Would you recommend Your Asset Renovations?
Matt and Marianne: YES!!!
Matt: Actually, after staying in this unit for a month over Christmas with freshly painted walls and new white downlights, once we returned home to yellow lighting and the old tiles on the floor, I decided I didn’t like it anymore and sold it!

Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished product would look like, and does it fit this image?
Matt and Marianne together: Yes!
Marianne: The end result looks exactly- if not better than- how we imagined it would!

Your Asset Renovations: What do you believe was a vital part of the process that allowed you to succeed?
Marianne: Communication. For us living 1200km away, we heavily relied on communication from Ben. The site supervisor Grant was also fantastic, frequently sending us progress pictures from his phone.
Matt: The time budget was also a factor- we wanted the project to be finished for the Christmas holidays so we could come down with the kids. We started the renovation in October, which gave the boys about an eight to ten-week timeframe to get it done, but they did.

Trish Mills, Office Manager, LJ Hooker Mooloolaba 

We have been using Your Asset for over 12 months now, and I can’t speak highly enough of their service. Everything is done to the highest standard, from quoting, workmanship and turnaround on jobs, to invoicing and general communication. I couldn’t fault them. Asset are able to do pretty much any work we request. They clean up meticulously behind themselves and are polite and courteous. For me, communication is key and Ben keeps in touch with me diligently about all aspects of a particular job. It makes my life so much easier when he lets me know about any unforeseen problems that he sometimes finds when he is working on a particular task (e.g. finding moisture in walls that are being painted). This helps prevent small, easily repairable jobs from blowing out and costing our property owners a fortune to fix at a later date.  I can’t recommend Ben highly enough. 

Lesley Marshall, Senior Property Manager at Define Property

Your Asset has been looking after our rental properties for over 18 months now. This includes all building and structural maintenance. It is an understatement to say that we are extremely happy to be working with the Your Asset team. Apart from the fact that Ben is amiable and lovely to deal with, the quality of the workmanship is simply first class.  Ben always quotes accurately and delivers services promptly. As a service provider in a highly competitive industry, they are second to none.

Mo Dawson, Property Manager at LJ Hooker Mooloolaba

As a Property Manager, I worked with Ben from Your Asset Group (formally Asset Maintenance) for 2 years. Ben was always helpful, efficient, competitively priced and accommodating. He also had a very good invoicing system. I chose to use Your Asset because of Ben’s prompt service and ‘can-do’ attitude. Nothing was ever too much trouble, no matter the size of the job. Also, Ben never had a problem if I missed something off the list and he would often go back for me at no extra charge. Objections that owners have are always price first, efficiency and then rectification if something goes wrong or isn’t attended to.  Ben was so easy to work with and went above and beyond for me.  He always communicated with me if he was running late or had to re-schedule a job and this is a very important aspect to property management. I enjoyed working with Ben and wish him continued success. 

Shannon Tomlinson, Property Manager, Property Today

We have engaged the services of Your Asset since the beginning of the year, and they have been outstanding on every measure. Their pricing is extremely competitive, which is something we are always mindful of for our property owners. Ben and his team do all of our maintenance and repairs, and the turnaround on jobs and quality of workmanship is excellent. They always get things done without frustrating delays. Your Asset deliver customer service that is fantastic, and their ongoing communication with us is exceptional. I have found this to be rare in this industry. At the end of a job, we only have one invoice to deal with, and this is easier and less confusing for both our property owners and ourselves. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Ben and his team.

Tiffany Brinsmead, Property Manager, Mooloolaba Real Estate

Your Asset has been working on our rental properties for the past six months, and if there is one word that sums them up perfectly, it has to be ‘efficient’. Ben communicates with us extremely well. We always know exactly what is happening on any given job, as it is happening. Ben prices work very competitively and the standard of his workmanship is exceptional. I also appreciate that if a particular repair is beyond his area of expertise, he will always let me know and refer me to someone who will get it done properly. Your Asset have a fantastic invoicing system and we always receive invoices within 2 days of work being completed. It makes my job so easy to pass these invoices on to my property owners, because everything he has done is clearly and concisely itemised and easy to understand. Our property owners expect this before they are happy to pay for repair work. At the end of the day, in what can be a very tough role, I find Ben enjoyable to work with. He is reliable, and a genuinely good bloke who would never do the wrong thing by anyone. He understands how difficult our job can be, and works hard to make things as easy as possible for us. And he brings me donuts!