Why You Should Choose A Design And Construct Renovation Builder

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Why You Should Choose A Design And Construct Renovation Builder

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There are many advantages to choosing a builder who handles all the design aspects of their projects in-house. Here on the Sunshine Coast, Your Asset Renovations is not only one of the few builders who specialise in home renovations, but we are also one of the only renovation builders who offer a complete design and construct service. A Design and Construct builder is the best possible option for you, let us outline the benefits:


Although an architect or building designer may have the vision to create a showstopping, stunning home, they often get carried away creating their perfect ‘vision’, meaning their building costs can soar exponentially. Did you know that 60% of plans never get built? This is due in many cases to the exorbitant costs associated with their plans. 

When you engage a design and construct builder, a builder is overseeing his project in its initial stages. This means a knowledgeable, experienced builder that understands the costs and practicalities of a build is creating your plans and had the knowledge to build within your budget. 


This is the natural process that happens when the builder, owner/s and building designer work together to create the ultimate, custom plans for the client. Working together ensures that the client brief is met, the client budget is maintained, the builder understands the project intimately, and the building designer gets to create a beautiful home with ideal orientation, living spaces and flow, all within budget and to the clients specifications.

-Time Saving

The design build approach makes it easier to stick to the construction schedule, meaning there is less wasted time. Decisions throughout the design and construction process can be revisited or manipulated without any changes or additional fees. Design & build can therefore benefit projects that are on a tight schedule or jobs with a need to be fast-tracked, allowing for the return on investment to be capitalised sooner.


A design and Construct team is involved in the process from start to finish, aiding in the efficiency and continuity of the project. The continuity between designer, builder and constructor greatly diminishes the chances of project items being overlooked.