Palm Drive, Mooloolaba Renovation and Extension

Renovation Q & A

 Palm Drive, Mooloolaba


Renovation type:

This property received a complete renovation- two new bathrooms, a new kitchen, new vinyl plank flooring throughout the house plus the four bedrooms, GPO’s, downlights and fans, fresh paint throughout, a new roof, tiled outdoor patio, and new turf. The extension meant the house got a whole new roof, plus created a spacious master bedroom with open-plan ensuite.


Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished project would look like, and does it fit this image?
Fiona: ”I couldn’t really see the vision, or imagine how it would all look”
Dave: ”The process sort of evolved.”

Your Asset Renovations: What were your biggest concerns you had before undertaking the renovation?
Fiona: ”Price!” 
Dave: ”Definitely the cost blowing out. You hear all sorts of stories… but it wasn’t really an educated thought. There weren’t many surprises.”

Your Asset Renovations: How did you feel throughout process?
Fiona: ”Pretty comfortable. We were only here on the weekends, checking up on the progress. Ben met us here plenty of times on a Saturday. The whole project took about four months; we began it in February and it was finished in October. Ben was part of the entire process from the get-go.”

Your Asset Renovations: What is your favorite new zone?
Fiona: ”The extension. We now have a huge master bedroom, it’s so open! It’s also now such a easy house to keep clean, even when we have guests here it’s very easy and fast to clean up.”
Dave: ”The whole house!”

Your Asset Renovations: Would you recommend Your Asset Renovations?
Fiona: ”I already do! Overall, it was an easy process, I have no complaints at all”.
Dave: ”Yes, I would definitely use Ben again.”