Jingellic Drive, Renovation and Extension

Renovation Q & A

 Jingellic Drive

Renovation type: 

Heading up the long driveway on the battleaxe block towards the house in the leafy suburb of Buderim Meadows, one feels a sense of privacy and seclusion. Richard and Del Whittaker bought the property in 1996 as an Investment property, when it was 12-18months old, and had been renting it out through local community housing company Coast2Bay. Unfortunately for the Whittakers, their most recent tenant neglected to maintain the property, and it became filthy, run-down and had several broken and damaged elements. Once the tenant had been evicted, they contacted Ben Dalton, Your Asset Renovations, to do some repairs on the property and a clean up before re-leasing it. However, Ben suggested a renovation might benefit the dated, neglected property more than a clean up and a few easy fixes, as it could then yield a higher rental return, and should they sell the property, generate a better sale price. After receiving a complete renovation, we caught up with Richard and Del to discuss how their renovation experience was with Your Asset Renovations… Who lives here? Richard and Del Whittaker own this property as an Investment property, and had previously been renting it out through a community housing company.

Renovation type: This property received a complete renovation- three new bathrooms, a new kitchen, new carpeting throughout the house plus the four bedrooms, new tiling, GPO’s, downlights and fans, fresh paint throughout, an exterior clean, painted outdoor patio, garage floor, and later, some fresh landscaping and new turf. And painted driveway!

Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished project would look like, and does it fit this image?

Del: ”Yes, we’re very pleased with the result.”

Richard: ”Yes, it’s in a great condition to sell.”

Your Asset Renovations: What were your biggest concerns you had before undertaking the renovation?

Del: ”Price!” (Laughs). ”How much was it going to cost us?!”

Richard: ”The cost of the renovation wasn’t a huge issue for me- we could’ve got another price but didn’t. Ben made it all so easy, having all trades under the one roof. He could handle everything- we didn’t have to get a painter, a tiler… and the boys he’s got working for him are great, Dave (Your Asset Builder) was fantastic, Reece the electrician (Your Asset sub-contractor) was good too…”

Your Asset Renovations: How did you feel throughout process?

Del: ”I was glad that this time somebody else did it!”

Richard: ”Good! It was quite straight-forward, and Ben kept us well-informed throughout the process.”

Your Asset Renovations: What is your favorite new zone?

Del: ”The kitchen and living area, especially compared to what it was!”

Richard: ”The double shower in the master (main?) ensuite with the double shower looks good- it’s sparkling white and will be easy to keep clean!”

Your Asset Renovations: If you did it again, is there anything you would do differently?

Del: ”I might’ve continued the tiles to the area adjoining the kitchen instead of carpet. But it still works as an office/ study nook. I also might’ve put some an extra cupboard for storage in the laundry.”

Richard: ”We didn’t go overboard in spending, seeing as it’s an investment property, so we have no regrets. It came up good!”

Your Asset Renovations: Any advice for would be renovators?

Del: ”Employ someone who knows what they’re doing!”

Richard: ”A good investment is always bricks and mortar. A unit may be easy to rent out, but you just don’t get the return on your money long term.”

Your Asset Renovations: Would you recommend Your Asset Renovations?

Del: ”Yes!”

Richard: ”Yep- I’ll give you a ten out of ten!”