Buddina Renovation

Renovation Q & A 
This breezy waterfront home situated along Point Cartwright Drive, Buddina experienced a structural renovation by the team at Your Asset Renovations. Previously it had a closed-in kitchen, a narrow hallway leading to the laundry door, and a tiny bathroom. After originally quoting on a new bathroom, made slightly larger by encroaching on the laundry, we reconfigured the layout, removed a few walls and the results are fantastic: a much larger, more spacious and open kitchen more connected to the adjacent entertaining area; a beautiful new master ensuite double the size of the previous one; and a generous combination laundry/ butlers pantry. Our lovely owner completely repainted the interior herself, and the overall result is a much fresher, brighter open-plan living solution perfectly tailored for this seaside home. 
Renovation Type: Partial. Scope of works included master ensuite, removal of kitchen wall to create an open-plan layout; building in of the old laundry passage to create a butlers pantry/ laundry zone; and installation of hot water system.  
Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished product would look like, and does it fit this image? 
It sort of evolved… Because we ‘ve lived here for so long I knew what I did and didn’t want. For example, I knew I didn’t want the toilet directly facing the door anymore in the ensuite! I also hate grout, and didn’t want much grout in the new bathroom… I did a bit of research and found out about epoxy grout, which I went for in the new ensuite 
Once we had priced up what it would cost to renovate the existing bathroom/ laundry/ kitchen, we priced it against a new layout for this zone. The result is a much bigger bathroom, and a much better design overall. 
Your Asset Renovations: Were there any expected surprises throughout this renovation?  
The entire renovation was a bit of a journey! I knew I wanted a new bathroom and something to change in the kitchen to open it up more. The team at Your Asset Renovations created new plans for a better layout, which suited my requirements and actually exceeded my expectations of the renovation! I took the cedar door I had had in storage for fourteen years, gave it a sand and hung it on the pantry. It screens the pantry contents from view and the blonde timber adds a bit of warmth and texture to an otherwise cool space.  
I also knew I wanted a sliding shower screen  as I don’t like the water dripping out when you open a push-pull shower. My project manager sourced a fantastic, frameless shower for me- I’ve never seen one like it but I absolutely love it! It’s so roomy, and the clear glass makes the bathroom look even bigger. 
Your Asset Renovations: What were the biggest concerns you had, if any, before undertaking the renovation? 
 We’ve all heard the horror stories, of things going wrong and taking much longer then expected. Luckily I was able to use the front bedrooom and bathroom, so it wasn’t as disruptive as I had feared. 
Your Asset Renovations: A key component for a successful and rewarding renovation is communication. How prompt was Your Asset Renovations in regards to communication? 
Good, really good. The sub-contractors Your Asset use were all pleasant to deal with. Carl (Your Asset Tiler) went out of his way to ensure the tiles were flush in the tricky area between the kitchen and laundry zone. Grant (Your Asset Builder) has amazing attention to detail, and you can tell he takes pride in the outcome of the project.
Your Asset Renovations: What is Your Favourite New Zone? 
Definitely the bathroom. Every time I walk in there, I just love it. I love the floor tiles, I sourced them myself. Two people have said it’s like walking on a cloud. We went with 1200mm x 600mm wall tiles, and epoxy grout. The large proportions of the wall tiles make it feel bigger, and there is less grout to clean! We put a window in next to the bath, so I can open the louvres and smell the Jasmine while I have a wine and a soak in the tub! The frameless shower screen is quite large, but the design means it doesn’t close in the space. I absolutely love this space!
Your Asset Renovations: If you did it again, would you do anything differently? 
Nothing major that springs to mind. I’m happy!
Your Asset Renovations: Can you give any advice for would-be renovators? 
Do your research, and do it early. Ask the trades for advice, and listen to them- after all, they’re the experts. Speak up and say what you want- you have to live with the decision so it might as well be one you made!
Your Asset Renovations: How likely are you to recommend Your Asset Renovations? 
I already have! I have told friends, family and neighbours. I liked that everyone really listened to me. All the tradesmen asked my opinion and consulted with me on all decisions made through the process, which I really liked. I felt like I understood each stage as it was happening, as everything was explained clearly.  

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