Bradman Avenue Unit Renovation

Meet the Owners: Lorraine Forrester

Renovation Q & A

Lorraine Forrester had owned this spacious, three bedroom unit overlooking the peaceful Maroochy River since 2005. It was already a bit dated on purchasing, but she knew it had great bones, with plenty of natural light and a beautiful, breezy outlook, and that it would come up beautifully in a renovation. After renting it out for years whilst living in New Zealand, she decided to renovate it in preparation for her return to the Sunshine Coast. After enlisting Ben Dalton from Your Asset Renovations, she briefed him on what she wanted, flew back to NZ, and let the team go for it! We caught up post-renovation for a chat about the finished project…

Who Lives here: The lovely Lorraine Forrester

Renovation Type: This three bedroom unit received a complete renovation: new tiling throughout, new carpeting in the bedrooms, fresh paint throughout (Dulux Lexicon Quarter), two new bathrooms, a new kitchen, new fans, downlights and also new outdoor tiling on the balcony.

Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished product would look like, and does it fit this image?
Lorraine: Absolutely. I knew what I liked and what I wanted- clean lines, a modern finish and for the view to take center stage- I got exactly what I wanted!

Your Asset Renovations: Why did you renovate?                                                                                                                 Lorraine: Although it was in good condition, it was out of date and it needed a complete overhaul.

Your Asset Renovations: What were the biggest concerns you had BEFORE undertaking the renovation?
Lorraine: I wasn’t too concerned after meeting with Ben- he just got it. I just had complete faith in him. Because I was in NZ, he picked everything out- the bath, the fixtures, the paint… everything was what I liked and what I would have picked, he was just on the same page as me.

Your Asset Renovations: What do you believe was a vital part of the process that allowed you to succeed?                     Lorraine: Basically, I just really clicked with Ben. I really trusted him- it could have been the biggest disaster of my life! But not once did I receive a phone call with bad news, not once. And he’s got some great guys working for him- the quality’s in the details. It was only once I got back and started living here again that I noticed all the perfect little details, like that the floor tiles have been laid perfectly to line up down the middle of the hallway- things like that I notice! The little details have been paid attention to, for an overall superior finish. The guys that did the skirting boards asked me several questions about whether I wanted skirting boards to protect my walls- they didn’t have to but they kept me accountable to my budget. And Ben was good, he would just say ”No- you can’t afford it”

Your Asset Renovations: How did you feel throughout the renovation process?
Lorraine: Excited! It was a renovation without the pain-I just turned up at the end and it was all done!

Your Asset Renovations: What is your favourite new zone?
Lorraine: Here in the living area, looking out at the view. Selecting the large floor tiles (600mm x 600mm) was a choice that makes the space feel even bigger.

Your Asset Renovations: A key component for a successful and rewarding renovation experience is communication. How prompt was Your Asset Renovations throughout the process?                                                                                                          

Lorraine: Communication was clear, and clean. It was very straight-forward, with no hidden extra’s. Financially, I knew where I was up to with my payments the whole way.

Your Asset Renovations: Where would we likely find you relaxing at 5pm on a Sunday?
Lorraine: Out on the balcony, enjoying the sunset and the sea breezes.

Your Asset Renovations: If you did it again, is there anything you would do differently?
Lorraine: No, I’m very happy with what I have- it’s exactly how I wanted it.

Your Asset Renovations: Any advice for would-be renovators?
Lorraine: Know what you want, and have your list ready for your builder. Listen to your project manger, and give him as much information as you can at the start.

Your Asset Renovations: How likely are you to recommend Your Asset Renovations?
Lorraine: Very likely- I’ve told everybody! If you ever want to get a renovation done- Ben’s the man.