Alexandra Headlands Renovation

Meet the Owners: The Goldman’s

Renovation Q& A

Looking out across the spectacular view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, it’s easy to understand why the Goldman’s regularly travel down from Airlie Beach to holiday here on the Sunshine Coast. The couple and their two children had owned the ground-floor unit within ”Harbour Lights” atop Alexandra Headlands for three years which was rented out through an agency, when they decided to renovate the property so that they could holiday in their own space. They were referred to Ben Dalton from Your Asset Renovations, who project managed their renovation from here on the Coast, from start to finish. The style has been jokingly described as ”Scoast-ustrial” by Marianne- a fusion of Scandinavian, Coastal and Industrial, to reflect the beach-side, casual way of living the family adopts whilst holidaying here. After Your Asset Renovations completed the project we caught up with the Goldman’s to view the completed and beautifully furnished renovation, and also to ask how their renovation experience was…

Who Lives here: Matt and Marianne Goldman holiday here regularly with their two teenage daughters Taylah, 16, and Indya, almost 13.

Renovation Type: The two bedroom unit received a complete renovation- it was re-tiled, re-carpeted, and re-painted. The unit received a new kitchen and bathroom, LED downlights and GPO’s. The vermiculite ceiling was battened out and plastered to cover the dated vermiculite. This created room to install new downlights and the electrical was concealed above the ceiling sheets. The bedroom cupboard doors were changed to mirrored sliders. The main living walls were also plastered over to cover the exposed block work and to give the unit a softer feel. One block wall was left exposed to create a feature wall for the unit.

Your Asset Renovations: Did you have a vision of what the finished product would look like, and does it fit this image?
Matt and Marianne together: Yes!
Marianne: We consulted with an Interior Designer before the start of the project. We collaborated on some plans and design concepts, so that we knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted the finished product to look. The end result looks exactly- if not better than- how we imagined it would!

Your Asset Renovations: What were the biggest concerns you had BEFORE undertaking the renovation?
Marianne: Definitely budget. Our other quote higher, so we were extremely pleased that Ben was able to keep to our budget.
Matt: I would say hidden expenses. I was weary because this building was built in 1975, and you just never know what can pop up unexpectedly and blow the price out. But luckily for us, nothing came up- it was all quite straightforward.

Your Asset Renovations: What do you believe was a vital part of the process that allowed you to succeed?
Marianne: Communication. For us living 1200km away, we heavily relied on communication from Ben. The site supervisor Grant was also fantastic, frequently sending us progress pictures from his phone.
Matt: The time budget was also a factor- we wanted the project to be finished for the Christmas holidays so we could come down with the kids. We started the renovation in October, which gave the boys about an eight to ten-week timeframe to get it done, but they did.

Your Asset Renovations: How did you feel throughout the renovation process?
Matt and Marianne: Good- very relaxed.
Matt: We built our home up north, and we have also renovated before, so this one was a breeze. I would put it down to a combination of experience and being so far away!

Your Asset Renovations: What is your favourite new zone?
Marianne: The kitchen and living zone. We get to enjoy that fantastic view and we also get a nice breeze through here. We’ve barely used the air conditioning!

Your Asset Renovations: Where would we likely find you relaxing at 5pm on a Sunday?
Marianne: Out on the alfresco area, definitely. We also love watching the full moon rise over the ocean, it’s amazing.

Your Asset Renovations: If you did it again, is there anything you would do differently?
Marianne: No! We love that we painted over the block wall instead of plastering over it. It adds a textural element and stops the space from being too ‘flat’. This decision also saved us a few dollars!

Your Asset Renovations: Any advice for would-be renovators?
Marianne: Definitely planning. By having our design concepts done early on we were able to make decisions early, which meant we didn’t waste any time throughout the renovation which would have pushed out the time at the end. Also, know that some furniture stores can take two to three months for ordered stock to arrive. We knew exactly what we wanted and ordered everything early so it could arrive in time for Christmas!
Matt: Have a contingency plan. You should have room to move in your budget- renovations can be unpredictable and you don’t want to get caught out!

Your Asset Renovations: Would you recommend Your Asset Renovations?
Matt and Marianne: YES!!!
Matt: Actually, after staying in this unit for a month over Christmas with freshly painted walls and new white downlights, once we returned home to yellow lighting and the old tiles on the floor, I decided I didn’t like it anymore and sold it!
Now how’s that for a compliment?!