Lexicon Quarter- Is This Australia’s Most Popular Paint Shade?

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Lexicon Quarter- Is This Australia’s Most Popular Paint Shade?

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

There is a certain irony in the fact that selecting a shade of white for your homes’ interior can the hardest choice of all! There are so many variations between whites that the choice can be overwhelming. The classic standby colour, white, is the most popular paint colour for a multitude of reasons-

  • it looks clean,
  • looks fresh,
  • opens up a space,
  • is neutral,
  • is classic and withstands the test of time well,
  • and looks good with both neutrals and colours.

​One of the reasons you will see Lexicon Quarter in so many blog posts and topping lists of paint shades is for its supreme versatility. Lexicon can be mixed down to quarter strength, half strength or left as-is, for full strength. ​

A popular white for a modern interior, Lexicon looks great with greys and neutrals. It truly is a versatile white in that, in full strength, it can be a cold, cool striking white which looks good with greys, charcoals and in a modern setting. However, when surrounded by warm timber flooring and furniture, it softens and seems to pick up the warmer colours around it, appearing warmer and brighter.

Note in our pictures below how different Lexicon Quarter can look against different backdrops and surrounding colours:

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Dulux Lexicon Quarter 1

Dulux Lexicon Quarter 2

Dulux Lexicon Quarter 3

Dulux Lexicon Quarter 4

Our other top shades of white include:

Antique White USA (Dulux) A creamy, warm white that suits traditional homes as well as modern homes.

​Hogs Bristle (Dulux)

​Whisper White (Dulux)

Natural White​ (Dulux)

For more help deciding which white is best for you, read our blog post on our top five shades of white. If you are planning a Sunshine Coast renovation, extension, granny-flat, Parents Retreat or new build, contact Your Asset Renovations today, your trusted renovation builders.