Kitchen Design: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

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July 19, 2018
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Kitchen Design: Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Sunshine Coast Home Renovation

The Kitchen Splashback is one of the most important elements in kitchen design. During their kitchen renovation or new build here on the Sunshine Coast, many people focus on the benchtop material and will spend hours researching and looking at samples. From a design perspective however, the kitchen splashback packs more of a visual punch, as its vertical surface can be seen from the other side of the room, whereas the benchtops can only usually be seen when one is inside the kitchen itself. This is why we tell budget-conscious renovation clients to keep to the Caesarstone standard ranges in benchtops, and splash out on an amazing splashback option.

Another reason to spend a bit more money on your kitchen splashback is because it is generally a smaller area, and so a gorgeous, yet expensive feature tile which may cost up to $200/m will still only be an extra variation of a few hundred dollars. Just bear in mind that more intricate tiles will cost more to lay in labour costs for your tiler. Sure, you can find plain white 300mm x 600mm tiles for $15/m, however if you really want to put your personal stamp on your kitchen renovation, the splashback is the place to do it.

Furthermore, if you choose in eight to ten years or so that your splashback tiles aren’t so cutting edge anymore and you want to update them, ripping out tiles and installing new ones is an achievable and inexpensive way to completely update the look of your kitchen. In comparison to replacing your benchtops which will incur a significantly larger cost.

Sunshine Coast Home Renovation
A duck-egg blue subway tile laid in Herringbone formation creates a soft, pretty backdrop to this white kitchen. Metallics are still a strong trend, and will add soft accents via handles.

One final point to make is that you must always consider the balance in the kitchen between the three visual elements- the splashback, the cabinetry and the benchtops. If you want to create an amazing marble splashback, keep the other competing elements in similar tones so that your hero piece is allowed to shine. Likewise, if you have chosen an amazing coloured cabinetry or benchtop, balance the contrast with a plainer, subtle splashback that recedes.

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