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How To Create A Hamptons-Style Bathroom

One of the more enjoyable aspects of renovating your bathroom is defining your interior style. The classic, feminine Hamptons look is a luxurious yet charming aesthetic for the bathroom. This interior design style originated in Northhampshire, east of New York, when they adapted their own interpretation of a French Provincial aesthetic. Here in Australia, the look has further evolved into a more contemporary, fresh ”Australian” Hamptons style, with less antique French influences and with more fresh greenery and a relaxed, coastal feel. If you love the look and feel of the Hamptons interior or have Hamptons features throughout the rest of your home, use your renovating experience as an opportunity to create the ultimate Hamptons-style bathroom. Let’s discuss the trademarks unique to the popular Hamptons style and how to incorporate them into your bathroom. 

White and gold Hamptons bathroom

Elegant and feminine, the white and gold colour palette has classical, French Provincial roots and is a trademark of contemporary Hamptons Style. You can never have enough white in a Hamptons interior. 

Herringbone Bathroom Feature Tile

Duck egg blue and soft, muted colours and neutrals like taupe, grey and green are colours typically found in the Hamptons aesthetic. This bathroom has a beautiful floor-to-ceiling feature wall tile laid in a Herringbone formation. Woven baskets and timber elements add colour and textures with influences drawn from nature. 

 Chic grey and pink Hamptons style

The softest of pastel pink with a muted grey is another chic, Hamptons colour palette. Note the two-pac, custom-built cabinetry, wall sconces and mirrored surfaces, alluding to classic French architecture such as Versailles. Another feature of the Hamptons style is LOTS of natural light, with white window treatments typically used to enhance this. The use of large mirrors in this bathroom helps achieve this reflection of natural light.  

Blue and White Hamptons Bathroom

A crisp blue and white colour scheme is softened by grey floor tiles. If your bathroom renovation will be including a twin vanity, consider two matching mirrors for an air of formality and to amplify the effect of your double basins. The subway tile modernises this Hamptons look. Metallic fittings like silver, gold or copper tapware is a modern yet enduring choice and complements the overall style nicely. 

Bathroom Renovation Sunshine Coast Charcoals and inky navys and greys are all good colour choices as they allow white fittings and fixtures to pop against it and are chic and classic. Exposed shelving allows towels and baskets to add a textural element and a homely feel. 

Modern Contemporary Hamptons-Style Bathroom

You can allude subtly to a Hamptons interior style without being overtly obvious. Using the soft colour palettes, natural elements and the use of white in the trims, cornices and architraves will give the effect of the Hamptons aesthetic. Think feminine, luxurious and sophisticated, while at the same time pared-back and relaxed. Orchids (Philaenopsis) are a luxurious way of styling your Hamptons Bathroom. They grow well in the humidity of the bathroom as well. This bathroom hints at a Hamptons influence while being contemporary and coastal.  

Hydrangeas- the ultimate Hamptons Styling tool

A few other tips for consideration when creating your Hamptons bathroom- flowers can include Hydrangeas or Orchids; light sources would ideally be from wall mounted sconce lights; metallic fittings such as gold, brass or silver add elegance and charm; and remember to soften the hard lines of chunky, solid cabinetry with some rounded shapes. 


If you love the look of the Hamptons interior and would like to incorporate it into your bathroom renovation, get in touch with us to book a renovation consultation.