A Hampton’s Bathroom Renovation on the Sunshine Coast

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A Hampton’s Bathroom Renovation on the Sunshine Coast

The popular and glamorous Hampton’s style is one that looks to be here to stay for a while longer. 

As discussed in our previous post, there are many classic and iconic characteristics of this design style. Let’s explore in depth a few more details:

The Duck-Egg Blue Hamptons tile as pictured above in our mood board is eye-wateringly expensive, at $210/m (Infinity Tiles). This look is one that although pricey, will withstand the test of time and can be a show-stopping feature of your bathroom renovation. Your renovation should have at least one feature that you absolutely adore, once you have this then you can keep costs down in other selections by sticking to standard ranges. 

The Carrara Marble Tile (Neolith) is luxurious on it’s own or combined with other tiles. Keep costs down by using these tiles sparingly in combination with a simple, white high-gloss tile. Remember that larger tiles will make a space feel larger.

Cabinetry should be a natural, neutral colour to soften the hardness of the tiles. White freestanding basins look elegant and classic, both trademarks of the Hampton’s look. Curved shapes over square or rectangular shapes in the basins and mirrors will soften the overall interior. 

Natural light will enhance any room enormously, so consider using white window treatments to further lighten the space via window frames, shutters etc. If your bathroom is dark, install artificial lighting via wall sconces and overhead lighting. 

Your Hampton’s colour palette should consist of soft, pretty pastels- white, creams, baby blues and greens and greys. 

Soft furnishings like the jute rug, indoor greenery and fluffy towels will further soften the hard lines and surfaces of the bathroom. The key to the success of the Hampton’s look is softness, elegance and a feminine charm. 

Mood board created by Sophie Hendry, in-house Interior Designer for Your Asset Renovations. If you would like to create your own custom design in your next renovation, please drop me a line at [email protected]