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Best Wallpaper Tips And Ideas For Your Home

Best Wallpaper Ideas For A Small Room Interior Design Sunshine Coast

Wallpaper is an interior trend that is BACK, baby! No longer is wallpaper a beige or floral fixture in your Grandmas’s place, wallpaper is big, bold and colourful and is featuring prominently in building and renovations, interior styling and contemporary design. It is the perfect backdrop for your vignette or furniture arrangement and it is an easy way to create a statement in your home.

Key Trends

The latest trends in wallpaper include beautiful, bold tropical and botanical prints, with bold uses of pattern, colour and vibrancy. Large-scale tropical palm prints, exotic birds and flowers are popular, as are the colours green, pink and peach. There are also more muted, moody colours and patterns currently popular for a more dramatic effect. These include inky navy and jewel tones like emerald and purple paired with bursts of citrus and metallic accents.


Wallpaper is losing its reputation as being notoriously hard to remove. The technology in the new ranges of wallpaper means it is simple to install and remove. Although there are plenty of tutorials on the web of how to DIY, for a professional finish we recommend using a wallpaper installer. 

How to decorate your home renovation on the Sunshine Coast with wallpaper

Large-scale tropical prints are on-trend and can create a statement.

How to decorate your home renovation on the Sunshine Coast with wallpaper

Shades of coral, peach and pink are all back in and they are complementary to the blues, greens, greys and terracotta and timber tones we are seeing everywhere. For a Mid-Century feel, pair pink with white.

Best Wallpaper Ideas For A Small Room Interior Design Sunshine Coast

Less is more when it comes to wallpaper. Smaller sections of your home will benefit from the impact a wallpaper can create. Bar areas, bathrooms, kids rooms and entry ways are all perfect places to create an accent wall with wallpaper. 

Custom Home Builders Sunshine Coast

If your home is heritage or traditional, try using a wallpaper from a high-end wallpaper manufacturer such as Graham & Brown or de Gournay (above). Our Sunshine Coast building and renovation company Your Asset Renovations has access to beautiful, on-trend wallpapers to suit any budget, so get in touch! 

Sunshine Coast Home Renovation Builders High End Custom Best Builders On The Sunshine Coast

For an elegant feel, go for a floral chinoiserie wallpaper in a pretty and classic blue and white palette. Always pick out a colour in your wallpaper and repeat it in surrounding furniture, art and accessories to maximise the effect. 

Best Builders On The Sunshine Coast

Shiny metallics like bronze, copper, silver and gold exude pure luxury. Pair with leather for extra impact.

Top Builders on the Sunshine Coast

This Dalmation print wallpaper is currently on-trend, it’s a touch leopard print, a touch Mid-Century Modern and goes with absolutely everything! The green, gold and pink pictured above is a fabulous, Beverly Hills-inspired combination! 

The Sunshine Coasts most popular builders

Darker greens like emerald create a more dramatic and moody tone. Always repeat the colours of the wallpaper in the surrounds.

Wallpaper Sunshine Coast Renovation
Our luxury unit renovation in Happy Valley, Caloundra Sunshine Coast features this beautiful wallpaper. View the full project here.