Adding Colour To Your Sunshine Coast Home Renovation

Sunshine Coast Home Renovation
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October 6, 2020
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Adding Colour To Your Sunshine Coast Home Renovation

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Although we ADORE a classic, clean and coastal white-on-white colour palette, sometimes the perfect pop of colour can bring a room to life and really make it sing. Many homeowners are afraid of colour and will opt to employ neutrals and naturals as their base building selections, and will only add colour via soft furnishings and accessories. This is a great, safe way to decorate and live, however if you are renovating your dream home to reflect YOU and your taste and style, shouldn’t you go with something that you love instead of playing it safe?

Choosing Your Asset Renovations as your Sunshine Coast builder ensures you have access to Sophie, our In-House Interior Designer. Let us show you how to bravely incorporate a pop of colour into your renovation without creating a polarising or unbalanced effect. 



We generally advise our Sunshine Coast renovation clients that their flooring, walls, windows and doors should be neutral. If the flooring is tiled, then a neutral floor tile is generally a safe choice.  VEIN OR MARBLE The wall tiles, however, are a fantastic place to employ a colourful, patterned or textured tile. Visually, you can see wall tiles from across the room, meaning you get maximum bang for your buck. Also, if you decide down the track that you want to update your feature tiles, the removal process of a splashback tile is fairly straightforward in comparison to a whole kitchen or flooring application. 

With tiles, you don’t have to spend a huge amount to create a beautiful visual. You might choose a simple, rippled pastel subway for around the $30/m mark but lay in herringbone formation and pair it with white grout, the perfect solution for a pretty, yet affordable splashback. Alternatively, you might fall in love with a teal fishscale tile for around $180/m that you HAVE to have. You can simply run it up the shower wall for a statement and pair it with a much simpler, inexpensive tile for the rest of the bathroom. Win-win!

Top tip: Don’t forget that grout can make or break your tile choice. You can choose from a huge variation of grout colours apart from the standard gradient of white, greys and darks, including jewel tones, metallics and primary colours! 



Coloured cabinetry in coming back in a big way. Although whites, neutrals and timbers will always be popular choices in a kitchen, bold, coloured cabinetry choices are gaining momentum. It may be viewed as a risky choice that could date, but when paired with the right selections it can set the tone for the entire house. We would recommend choosing a colour not only one that you love, but also one that reflects the natural colours found outside your Sunshine Coast home. For instance, soft sage and Eucalyptus greens in a rural or hinterland setting, deep navy, greys or ocean-inspired hues for a beachside or waterfront home. And we would advise against anything too loud or bright, eg red, orange, lime green! These can be polarising and scare off potential buyers in future (as well as family and friends!).  If you do experiment with colour in a fixed selection like your cabinetry, keep the colours to a soft, nature-inspired palette, as these colours are receding and soothing. 

If you really love colour but you’re not keen to commit to the entire kitchen cabinetry, a good place to incorporate it is underneath your island benchtop, particularly if you have waterfall ends. This design looks balanced and anchors the island to the floor. 

We often use a natural timber cabinetry colour like Natural Oak in our bathrooms and laundries, we find the warmer timber tones balance the tiles.

Tip: Cabinetry handles, pulls, tapware and pendant lights are like the jewellery for your kitchen. Consider these details to ensure you complement your stunning statement cabinetry properly. 


A coastal, white-on-white kitchen can be enhanced with a pop of soft coloured cabinetry on the Hampton’s-style Island.
Source: agk_designstudio


Furniture is a good way to add a dash of colour to a room without committing to a fixed building selection like tiles or cabinetry. A beautiful coloured armchair in teal, an up-cycled console table or a fabric ottoman can add a burst of colour to a room. If you have an Heirloom or Vintage furniture piece, you might consider getting it reupholstered in a fabric you love. If you choose to use a coloured couch, keep the colour a natural one that you would find in a natural landscape- these colours tend to recede nicely and are quite liveable. Your colour should always be surrounded by neutrals for an understated effect and to allow your feature piece to shine.

Tip: If you decide you want to incorporate a colour somewhere in your Sunshine Coast renovation or home extension, make sure it ties in with the other building materials, soft furnishings and fixed items in your home. The overall finish should be cohesive and tell a story. You will likely need to use repetition of your colour throughout the home to tie it in nicely and achieve this cohesion. 

Sunshine Coast Unit Home Renovation
Our clients chose this beautiful duck-egg blue armchair to complement their serene white-on-white renovation. You can view the whole project here.

Soft furnishings, Art and Accessories

Your accessories and art add layers and softness to a room. A bedspread and linen, throws, cushions, rugs, and window treatments are all safe and inexpensive ways to introduce colour to your overall scheme.

Tip: the less you have going on with your building selections, the more your soft accessories will pop. Likewise, if you have a busy or bold wall tile or scheme, keep the accessories to a minimum to allow your choices to shine. It’s all about balance. 

A beautiful large Slim Aarons print or colourful artwork will add a burst of colour. 


Many people design their home first, and consider plants and landscaping as an afterthought. We believe that outdoor greenery and landscaping, and beautiful indoor plants can completely make or break a home, and should therefore be factored in during the initial planning stages of our Sunshine Coast design and construct service. Plants add colour, nature and life to a home. A simple indoor plant like Kentia palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig, or olive tree can add lush freshness via the greenery- you don’t even need to worry about flowers. Plus, they can be updated and/ or moved around as desired. Outside, a large, established tree can soften the hard lines of a new home. A riot of colour can be injected via a gorgeous bougainvillea or wisteria. 


This beautiful Wisteria in full flower adds romance and elegance to this stately Australian home.
Source: The Design Files

Front Door

Take inspiration from the iconic front doors of Palm Springs and paint your front door a bright colour. You will always be greeted cheerily whenever you come home!



If you are a Sunshine Coast homeowner looking to undertake a renovation, home extension, knock-down rebuild or second storey addition, please get in touch with us! We offer a complete design and construct service and would love to hear from you!