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7 Ways To Style Your Home On A Budget

Styling your kitchen

Our clients who have completed their brand new home renovations or extension here on the Sunshine Coast are often looking for low-cost ways to complete the look. If you’ve just splashed some cash on a large-scale renovation, you may sadly find there is not alot leftover to style your brand new space. However, by simply getting creative, it’s easily achievable to make a house a home without blowing the budget on over-priced furniture and homewares. Let us give you our top seven simple ideas on how to style your home on a budget.

Fresh foliage
​This is by far the easiest way to decorate your house at a pinch. Freshly cut flowers from the garden, or simply picking a bunch of fresh greenery and putting them in a clear vase will add greenery and life to your space. Palm leaves in a vase suit a variety of interior styles, particularly Hamptons, British Colonial and Coastal interiors. Pull off a whole branch of your neighbours Frangipani tree and pop it in a heavy glass vase for an eye-catching table centrepiece. If your home is country, use wattle or Eucalypt stems.
Tip: You can buy artificial flowers or greenery and nestle them in amongst fresh blooms to add impact and make them look more natural, and extend the life of your fresh greenery. Bonus points if you place your fresh greenery in front of a mirror, doubling the effect!

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Coffee Table Vignette
​As any self-respecting interiors addict will tell you, a well-styled coffee table is a must. The table itself can be as simple or as expensive as you like. Having a coffee table with a carefully curated vignette atop it will help pull a room together and define your interior style. A vignette can be as simple as a pile of books, some sea-shells and a nice candle arranged attractively. You will want the vignette to reflect the rest of your homes’ style.

Define An Entry Point
​Creating a welcoming entry zone is an easy way to make a house feel like a home. It can be as simple as a few baskets for shoes underneath a side-table, with a mirror and a plant. Too easy!

Taking the time to regularly declutter will help your key pieces shine. When the eye is busy looking at your other masses of possessions, your top key pieces lose their impact. As Marie Kondo writes in her best-selling book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, the benefits of decluttering are many: less time wasted searching for, cleaning, dusting, buying and storing items equals more quality down-time. Keep an eye out for smart storage solutions for low cost at places such as Aldi, Kmart and Target. Natural baskets present superior aesthetics to plastic or brightly coloured, garish tubs. Decluttering is a no-cost, yet effective way to make your home look more stylish.

By keeping your cupboards clear and organised, you will create room to store unused items and prevent the main zones of your home becoming too cluttered.

Group Similar Items Together
​If you like collecting things, try putting them all together to create an eye-catching display as an easy, thrifty way to decorate your home. Items could include Chinese Ginger Jars, natural elements such as sea-shells and driftwood, houseplants, framed photos on a wall, vintage suitcases, recipe books etc. Op-shops can be unexpected treasure troves! Collating like items together creates a theme and becomes a visually interesting and (inexpensive!) talking point for guests.

Soft furnishings
​If you are going to splurge on a few items to update your interior, soft furnishings are a relatively inexpensive way to do it. Cushions, throws and rugs are all easy enough to swap in as the seasons change, and are only a semi-permanent accessory for your home. Websites such as Temple & Websterthe Home and Fenton and Fenton are all great, funky stores with some good prices on cushions and throws. A tip is to wait until they have a good sale, and then buy items such as cushion covers in bulk. Alternatively, our local chain stores are competing for your dollar by introducing on-trend, cheaply priced homewares. Kmart, Target and Big W have cheap-and-cheerful ranges of planter pots, throws and rugs.

Clean Your Windows!
​Last but not least, giving your windows a once-over will really lift your homes’ appearance. Although our post-renovation builders cleans will leave your windows immaculately clean, keeping them clean will enhance your new renovation and make your home feel brighter, more spacious, and cleaner. Don’t forget to open them up after cleaning them to let in some fresh air!

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